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Experience business continuity even amidst global disasters. With partnerships from esteemed institutions and a track record recognized globally, Prisere offers unrivaled expertise in disaster risk reduction and resilience.

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Prisere: Your Partner in Resilience

Building resilience is intricate, but with the right guidance, your business can emerge stronger and more robust from any challenge. Discover our expertise and let’s transform challenges into opportunities.

Our Track Record

Award-Winning & Recognized

From being named to the GEW 50, one of the world’s 50 most innovative startups in the year of our launch and celebrated during Global Entrepreneurship week by the Kauffman Foundation to earning accolades from Microsoft, Cisco, and the Nasdaq “Milestone Maker” Accelerator, our accomplishments are testament to our dedication.

Our Founder’s Vision

Business Resilience to Access Insurance

With a story that began in a community hit by a federal disaster, Donna’s journey and the birth of Prisere LLC serve as an inspiration for businesses to prioritize resilience as a tool for competitive advantage – and capital access. Prisere develops technology to strengthen resilience and expand access to insurance with premiums reduced for better risk practices. Donna’s foresight exactly anticipated the insurance crisis we are now facing and the urgency of Prisere’s work.

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Ensure your business’s survival and prosperity. At Prisere LLC, we believe in preparing for the worst and planning for the best to maximize business resilience. Our partners are leading institutions that share our commitment to a safer, more resilient future.


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