A Familiar Face

Swiss Re ExecutiveNational Geographic’s Emmy Award-winning series on Climate Change, “Years of Living Dangerously“, is now in its second season. The second episode was taped in Miami where, notwithstanding the impacts of rising sea levels, real estate developers have $20 billion of projects in the pipeline. Apparently they are not encountering opposition in securing permits to build in hazard-prone locales. It is probably not fair to single out Miami for this practice, which appears to be ubiquitous, but for the purposes of visual media, it is stunning to look at one high rise apartment building after the other directly on the waterfront of an area vulnerable to hurricanes. The episode contained a delightful surprise: a brief interview with Swiss Re Vice President Alex Kaplan, who commented on the inability of the insurance industry to continue to underwrite such reckless construction, given what is known about climate-related hazards. If you missed the episode on television, you can stream it online.