Prisere LLC Is a Bold Idea

What if, instead of being at the mercy of events, we shape our own future?

What if, instead of soliciting donations for disaster relief, we proactively invest in building sustainable livelihoods?

What if the most vulnerable communities, whether in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans or in Haiti, no longer risk years of social and economic development gains with each weather forecast?

What if, instead of waiting for aid to trickle down (very little of it does), we become empowered, as our better risk practices are reflected in our commercial opportunities?

Prisere LLC innovates to create a more resilient future. Our vision is perhaps best illustrated in the “newspaper of the future”, the “Gulf Gazette”, that we helped to create during a workshop of the National Academy of Sciences, “Enhancing Coastal Community Resilience and Well Being in the Gulf of Mexico Region”. The NAS’s Gulf Research Program has a thematic focus on thriving communities. We invite you to collaborate with us to realize the vision expressed in the “Gulf Gazette” headlines.