Our Philanthropy

Prisere supports charitable causes that align with our mission and vision in a variety of ways; for example, we thank each member of our board of advisors with a contribution made in recognition of service to the Red Cross chapter in his or her community. We also support our own community by contributing our resources and experience to the cause of climate and disaster resilience.

Our founder volunteered her time and expertise to deliver a workshop at Rhode Island’s first ever business continuity conference after Rhode Island became the fourth state to join the Business Readiness initiative of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. She also conducted media outreach to drive attendance and secured the commitment of one of our corporate clients to share the costs of program delivery for the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency. The event is credited with helping to break down the silos between state agencies that had confounded the efforts of small businesses to recover from the epic 2010 flooding.

We were honored that our work was recognized with a Common Good Award, a program offered by Rhode Island Monthly magazine in partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation, with the support of presenting sponsor Citizens Bank. The awards recognize Rhode Island businesses of all sizes that inspire philanthropy in their employees around the state, not by writing a check to a worthy cause, but by encouraging staff to go into the community and help. “Common Good” companies also take it a step further, offering employees incentives, including paid time off and donations to charity.

Since the “Common Good Awards” edition of Rhode Island Monthly was published, people have been asking us why the editorial feature about Prisere shows a photograph of a dog in our founder’s office. Her dogs, cocker spaniels Coco and Henry, also support philanthropy. Through their participation in Rover to the Rescue, an initiative featured on the television shows of both Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, Coco and Henry have raised $10,000 for local animal shelters.