The Prisere

People often ask about the name of our business. The concept of the business name derives from the vesper iris, the most resilient flower. It can thrive in all climates and even bloom in the absence of sunlight. Indeed, the vesper iris would blossom as the faithful were going to their evening prayers, or vespers; hence, the name. Of course, the iris also enables vision by allowing light to enter the eye.

Prisere is an anagram of the vesper iris, minus the letter ā€œVā€. Variations of the iris include the Louisiana iris and the fleur-de-lys, the symbol of New Orleans, and the Japanese iris, significant as both Louisiana and Japan are associated with renewal following major disasters. The Siberian iris can even bloom in the frozen tundra. The prisere is the ecological succession to the climax community, in which populations of plants and animals remain stable and exist in balance with each other and with their environment. It reflects the concept of sustainable development. As such, Prisere is the name of our company and the iris is featured in our logo.