Art Thinking

art-thinkingThe reading for this weekend is Art Thinking, a guide to creativity written by Amy Whitaker, an entrepreneur-in-residence who holds both an MBA and an MFA. The book addresses the challenges of trying to develop big picture thinking while dealing with the smaller details our daily schedules demand. The genesis of our interest in these ideas was our work at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). While the business types in our group were nervous about having to draw in order to express our ideas visually, it soon became apparent that art is a form of entrepreneurship. The artists and the entrepreneur are both trying to bring a vision to life, and often have to do so with little or no resources. So we set aside the fear of appearing foolish with our awkward drawings and make our best attempt, knowing that successive refinements will bring us closer to our goals. RISD was an early advocate for STEAM (that is, STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics + Art), arising from their belief that bringing creative minds from the studio and liberal arts worlds together with scientists and technologists will broaden conversations and generate more innovative ideas. This book promises to accomplish that goal.

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