Most of the world lacks risk mapping and risk modeling tools essential to insure resilience. And where such tools exist, emerging risks and a changing climate are rendering them obsolete. Prisere aims to fill that gap by building capacity for climate and disaster resilience with improved risk tools, including risk communications, risk mapping and software apps, technical training and consulting services. Prisere advances innovation for a safer, more resilient world. In the year of our founding, Prisere was named to the GEW 50, the 50 most innovative start-ups launched that year and celebrated during Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation.

Technology and mobile communications afford possibilities for the development of resilience applications that were previously out of reach. We were among 25 invited VIP guests at the March 2018 launch of NASA’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-S). We offered our insights to NASA and NOAA scientists as to new insurance applications that could be supported by the advanced weather forecasting technology on GOES-S. We were then honored to contribute to the flood risk workshop of NASA’s Earth Science Disasters Program.

Flooding is the most common natural hazard, impacting more people worldwide than any other disaster. Our work for the United Nations Office for Disaster for Disaster Risk Reduction affords insight into the critical framing of flood risk requiring global flood risk analysis with local vulnerability assessments.
With our experience in the reinsurance sector, we can advance research and development work drawing on earth observation data gathered by NASA satellites for more refined and accessible assessments of flood risks. As part of the Flood Risk Community of Practice convened by NASA, we shared with colleagues our work done in Sri Lanka to support citizen science applications from tea pluckers who supplement their income by capturing water gauge data on smart phones for sharing with the national meteorological service. This application and others combined with satellite data can create the datasets needed to support insurance applications. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might serve your needs.